Stephen King -The Dead zone/review

The book was written in 1979.And the story spreads between 1970 and 1979.The prologue introduces  two main characters. Johnny Smith was a young boy in the winter of 1953 who got knocked unconscious while ice-skating. Bible salesman named Greg Stillson with anger issues, one the way to a sell vindictively kicks an aggressive dog to death.By 1970, Johnny is now a high school teacher in eastern  Maine. After visiting a county fair with his girlfriend Sarah, and eerily winning repeatedly at the wheel of fortune, Johnny is involved in a car accident on his way home that lands him in a coma for almost five years.

When he wakes up his girlfriend is now married with a child,Johnny finds that he has suffered neural injury, but on touching people and objects he is able to tell them things they did not know(You may call it clairvoyance).After that he prdicts numeros of thing’s  from wich depend a lot of lives.


  I give it 7.5/10


Top 5 T.I. songs

On number 5
it’s  a song from 2007

Big Things Poping

number 4
goes to his duet with Rihanna
Live your life– from 2009 it also appeared in the hangover and has 36m views in youtube

On number 3
stand’s proudly Whatever you like with the astonishing 76million views.

The silver goes to

a song from his new album Trouble man called:”Trap Back Jumpin”

And number 1

Did you know?

In 2010 For the record, they made $29.3 Billion in revenue in 2010.
by other sources the amount of money earned by google per day is
 roughly about  $86 million.
$86 million a day =

That’s like 238 Lamborghini’s aventador a day .Which means Google can  buy all the Lamborghini’s aventador produced in a year in just 3 days.

$29B = 29 Taj Mahals

One of the most famous homes ever built, the Taj Mahal has ample living space at 500,000 square feet and 16 bathrooms. According to the internet, building your own Taj Mahal today would run you just over $1B US Dollars. Google could build 29 every year: